The purpose of our COVVC North chapter is to provide a range of activities for COVVC members who live in the Northeastern part of the state.  Since it's challenging and not always convenient to drive our vintage Bugs, Buses, Ghias and other VWs to Columbus for many of the activities in that area, we are planning a number of events in and around Northeastern Ohio.  Of course we still consider the COVVC Volksfest to be the high point of our schedule.

Since our support--with the Zűndfolge newsletter, the COVVC website and COVVC North board representation-- comes through the main club, all Northeast Ohio chapter participants should be COVVC members, which only costs $20.00 per year.

E-mail will be used for future mailings and notices in order to manage costs and save a few trees.  These are COVVC members with telephone area codes (216), (330) and (440) and home addresses that put you in reach of events in and around the Cleveland area.   If you know of other VW enthusiasts we might have missed, please send us their E-mail addresses.

Of course, all COVVC-sponsored events are open to ALL COVVC members, no matter where they are located!

Let us hear from you!

Mike Roecker            michaelmroecker@gmail.com       216-233-4456
Bruce Amacker         bamacker@aol.com                        440-846-3885

Saturday, May 3 was the Cleveland COVVC Chapter Annual Spring Cruise!  We met with the co-sponsoring group, LeakOil, at the Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace Marina (1500 Cleveland Metro Park Dr, Lakewood, OH 44107, alternate address is 18900 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, Ohio 44107) and cruised together to Slim and Chubbie’s Restaurant in Strongsville for lunch & beverages.

Photos of our 2013 Spring Cruise are available here.

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Some photos of previous events:

Click here for 2012 photos of our Cinco de Mayo Cruise! 

Here are some pictures of our 2011 Spring Cruise:



COVVC NEO -- May 1, 2010

COVVC NEO Brookstock -- July 17, 2010

Click here for more photos of Brookstock!


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